About this Blog: 

This blog acts as a simple notebook for arranging my thoughts and daily experiences/challenges faced during Integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server.


About Me:

My name is Prashant Kumar Singh and I live in Bangalore-India.

I started working on BizTalk back in August 2010, since then my main focus is on Integration Platforms using Microsoft BizTalk Server, .NET, WCF, and SOAP/XML/XSLT.
I’m an active blogger and a participant on the MSDN BizTalk Server Forums.

I’ve in-depth and breadth knowledge/experience in almost all BizTalk versions: 2006, 2006 R2, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2013 R2. While working as a support engineer in Microsoft I got to learn the internals of BizTalk along with covering it end to end.

Currently I work on Integration Platforms with Service and Support team at Microsoft. Before this, I have worked with Fidelity and Wipro Technologies.

So far I have understood that success is always inclusive and In Heaven We Feed Each Other (One of my favorite stories- http://www.wisdomcommons.org/wisbits/3241-in-heaven-we-feed-each-other).
If it benefits you in any way, I will deem the motive of writing this blog is fulfilled.

Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment or directly email me in case you need any help or if you have any suggestion.

The views and opinions stated in this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. Each posting on this blog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Contact Me:-

@Gmail@Facebook@LinkedIn@MSDN Technet Profile@My Personal Blog Site

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